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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Horrid King of Camelot!

You look at the offending appendage with dislike and dismay

Surely if something is so very painful something should be seen!

But NO! Arthur makes sure of that; or perhaps Merlin, the trickster

At any rate it hurts and I, for one, do not like hearing my own words in my head

"I know it hurts but you must keep moving and walking or else you will end up in a wheelchair!"
Osteoarthritis is the most common of all the 'ritis-es' don't you love making up words? It does not help however as arthritis is noting to laugh at; it attacks the joints and causes difficulty walking, misshapen joints, and worst of all, pain. There is no known cure although it is generally agreed that it is hereditary. There are multiple treatments and physical therapy but nothing seems to stop the onslaught of this disease.

For disease, it is as surely as any other is. It can start as early as in your twenties though you rarely notice it. Perhaps you had a broken arm or leg as a child and then you know when rain is coming. Cool you think.

Except then the rain comes and you hurt anyway and cannot tell if anything is coming or going, only that it hurts.

Sometimes you will be certain your foot, toes, or fingers are broken. These times there will be something to watch. Gives you something to pass the time. Your joints swell, turn red, puffy and soon they change shape, all gnarly and disjointed looking. Nothing to laugh about and I still have no idea how the youngest of the five kids in my family got away with teasing our Dad about his poor fingers. Daddy would point and David Glenn would get real close to his hand and bob his head side to side then laugh and say "Oh yea dad, I see it know!" smart-alecky. I COULD NEVER GET AWAY WITH THAT! Baby brothers and sisters got away with everything! Not rotten number two though NO!

I tell you this though in all seriousness. If osteoarthritis makes me think of my Daddy every time it hurts...may I be in pain for the rest of my life

I love you daddy
barbara bethard